Frequently Asked Questions

What is CatwalkLive.TV? UPDATED!

CatwalkLive.TV is a live streaming schedule and reminder service covering fashion month - the four big fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan and Paris). It means you can find all the live streaming times and dates (presented in four different timezones) on one website. Our Twitter service, CatwalkLiveTV, offers reminders prior to the show's start time. 

Which fashion weeks do you cover? UPDATED!

Currently we cover the following fashion weeks/collections:
Womenswear: New York, London, Milan and Paris
Menswear: London, Milan and Paris

Why don't you cover fashion weeks in other cities?

We would love to. There are so many other great fashion weeks globally, but unfortunately at the moment we give priority to the larger, more-established fashion weeks as they're the ones with the lion's share of live streaming content.

When will you be covering the menswear collections? UPDATED!

We will be covering menswear from next season (spring/summer 2014). We wanted to make sure that there was enough live streaming content to warrant our efforts, that there was enough interest, and that we had the time and resources to make sure our schedules and reminders are accurate.

Why don't you cover pre-fall, cruise, haute couture...?

Currently we focus our efforts on covering the largest fashion weeks, and at the moment there isn't the demand for live streaming schedules for these fashion weeks when compared to the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. 

Where do you get the live streaming times from?

We use a huge variety of sources so that you don't have to. We get times from fashion websites such as Vogue, Fashion Week websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, designer websites, forums and also try and contact as many designers and organisations as possible.

How accurate are your listings?

As accurate as they can be. The vast majority of the shows listed have been confirmed either by the designer, or by the fashion week organisers. A minority are educated guesses based on whether they have live streamed in previous seasons etc. We check every designer website and Facebook page prior to fashion week, and again on the night before their shows to ensure listings are as accurate as possible.

When are your schedules available from? Will they change?

Generally the listings will be available in the week before the city's fashion week is due to begin. It is not realistic to publish them earlier due to the amount of last-minute schedule changes. Schedules are updated right up until the show is due to live stream, so are always subject to change.

This show live streamed but wasn't on your schedules. Why?

In all likelihood we didn't know about it. We check as many sources as possible but sometimes streams are unannounced or we can't find any information. If you know of a livestream that we don't, please let us know. We rely on your help.

This show was on your schedule but didn't live stream. Why?

We try and ensure accuracy of our schedules, but sometimes a show might not livestream. This could be because of technical problems, because the designer/website decided not to live stream, or because we were given the wrong information. Normally these factors are out of our control.

Your schedule said the show would start at this time, but I'm still waiting...?

Fashion shows rarely start on time, with many running about 30 minutes late. Most live streams will show the audience arriving while you wait.

Do you live stream any shows? NEW!

Yes! We live stream all shows from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York's Lincoln Centre (around 70 shows) and most shows from London Fashion Week (those taking place at Somerset House). Some collections we're unable to stream due to rights restrictions. Milan and Paris do not offer us the ability to live stream their shows.

The quality of live streaming is awful! UPDATED!

We do not take responsibility for the quality of the live streams we link to, or those on our site, but please see our Guide which has some tips if you are experiencing technical difficulties.

What are the characteristics of each fashion week?

New York is one of the largest fashion weeks and hosts designers such as Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and Herve Leger. Many argue that New York is very commercial, but as a result nearly 100 shows live stream from there. Most shows start about 30 minutes after their scheduled start time, but Marc Jacobs is always very punctual, so tune in early.

London is the smallest of the fashion weeks, but also extremely exciting, at times edgy, and home to a lot of emerging talent. Designers include Burberry, Matthew Williamson and Issa. Around 40 shows live stream from London, mostly via the official LFW website. Most shows start 10-15 minutes after their scheduled start time.

Milan is home to many big names in fashion; familiar names such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. It has a reasonable offering of live streams, too, with over 40 shows live streaming. Most shows start at least 30 minutes after their scheduled start time, and it's not unheard of for them to be even later.

Paris is by far the most exclusive of the fashion weeks, hosting names such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Dior. Unfortunately this exclusivity comes at a price - very few live shows live stream at around 5-or-less.