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Interview with Roz, covering how our schedules are compiled, the inspiration behind CatwalkLive.TV, and our new mobile version of the site.

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In-depth interview with the creator of this site with an explanation about what the site is, how it came to be, how schedules are researched and what the future holds for the website

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Interview with Roz, in English and Italian, on Carolina's 'The World of C' blog which addresses the common questions about CatwalkLiveTV

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If you would like to feature CatwalkLive.TV, you can download a press release (Word Document) by clicking here. You can download images to accompany the press release below. If you wish to write a more-creative article, or want to arrange an interview by email, please do by emailing catwalklivetv [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

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Caption: CatwalkLive.TV makes enjoying Fashion Month easy, even if you're not attending 

Caption: CatwalkLive.TV has schedules for the ‘big four’ fashion weeks with links to all known live streams

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Caption: @CatwalkLiveTV features alerts 15 minutes before, and as each show is due to start, on Twitter

Caption: CatwalkLive.TV's mobile website makes it easy to see what's live streaming when you're on the move

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Caption: CatwalkLive.TV tweets over 370 reminders before fashion shows start under the #CatwalkLiveTVReminder hashtag